Kos Greek

Greek Cuisine is among the healthiest cuisines there is. Fresh vegetables, olive oil and cheese has been cultivated and produced in Greece for thousands of years. This also means that eating in a Greek restaurant like Kos Greek - you as one of our guests - will have the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy a meal that is not only healthy but also truly and simply authentic.

We use only the best local and fresh ingredients and merge these with imported extra virgin olive oil, proper Greek Yogurt and also Lamb butter. Kos Greek is the only restaurant in The Philippines serving authentic Greek yogurt and we are actually the only restaurant in Asia that has butter made of Lamb on or menu.

All our breads are sour dough bread, made the old traditional way, and of course you can eat as much as you want.

If you want to experience a truly but simply authentic Greek meal you should visit Kos Greek. Welcome!